Through numerous fundraising campaigns and volunteer efforts, and in conjunction with ReNuevos, an extraordinary, on-site educational and health mission in LaCarpio, Good For Kids:

• Built a two-story addition onto the Refugio, an educational facility that houses a high school preparation program and counseling services, and serves as a safe haven for teenage girls in need, a project largely supported by the SHS STAT Club. 

Funded the ‘Somers Vocational Center' which houses a two-year woodworking training program for selected teenage boys.  The Center also features a fully equipped and networked computer lab.

Annually donate large quantities of gently used sneakers, vitamins and non-presciption medical supplies, funded last year by the Stephanie Cripinelli Humanitarian Fund and this year by the SHS Peer Leaders.

• With support from the Somers  Lion's Club,  facilitated extensive vision screening and provided eyeglasses to children in need.

• For several years, provided an on-site summer camp program for young children

• Fund a lunch program at the Refugio.

• Provide ongoing funding of the salary of a a social worker who provides immeasurable support to the young women at the Refugio and their families.

• Initiated the Hanna Scholars Program.

Constructed an access roadway to the Refugio and Vocational Center.

• For the past two years, in partnership with TOMS, provided for the distribution of thousands of pairs of shoes to needy children. 

What we've done so far:
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