Good for Kids ( was founded in 2003 by a small group of educators from suburban New York.  As a fully volunteer organization, our advocacy has taken many forms in various locations through the years though our fundamental purpose has not waivered; we aim to positively impact the lives of women and young people. 

We began by taking affluent young people from Westchester County, NY on trips to a Nicaraguan refugee camp in Costa Rica where we ran arts and sports programs  and helped to build a center that provided classes, counseling, and safe spaces for at-risk children who lived there. We were determinedly mindful that our work would serve several purposes not the least of which was to develop the hearts and minds of our privileged local students toward  advocacy and hands-on service. We are very proud of those results and the ripple effect of those experiences.

Over time, we each have become active in our beautiful neighborhood Community Center of Northern Westchester.  There, we have found a local home for our continued championing of women and children. 

Our goals are to: 

-- Mobilize resources in support of local children in conjunction with the Community Center of Northern Westchester, NY.

-- Provide opportunity grants to support young women to actualize their full potential.

--Offer direct service by serving as advocates for neighbors in need

--Inspire and empower young people as social activists, working in community for the greater good.

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