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Good For Kids' TOMS Giving Team,  July 2012
(Missing from photo: Jean Schult, Vicenzo Recine, Michael Recine)
Good for Kids is proud to have been designated as a Giving Partner by TOMS, a company that gives a pair of new shoes to a child in need, for every pair it sells. TOMS commitment is ongoing: they offer shoes not just once,  but repeatedly each year, as children grow.  

In the early fall 2011, a team from Good For Kids  traveled to Costa Rica to join local volunteers in distributing thousands of pairs shoes to children in LaCarpio and other communities of similar need. Besides providing needed shoe wear and foot protection, the shoes, which  meet are black and therefore meet the standard for costly government required school uniforms,  have enabled many children who could not otherwise afford to attend school to  now qualify to do so,
In July, 2012, a team of 15 GFK  volunteeres head to LaCarpio for ​a second round of TOMS shoes distribution.  This year, through the generous donations from the  SHS STAT Club and The Stephanie Crispinelli Humanitarian fund, each student was delighted to recieve a brand new pair of sock to complement their new shoes.

Anyone interested in assisting with this exciting project  is invited to contact us for more information at info@goodforkids.org.
       Photo: Jean Schult